[Design Betawi] Kemasan Bir Pletok nyang #GoInternasional dah..

GoBetawi.com - This project was actually an assignment for Emotional Branding class that I attended in my last semester.

Bir Pletok is Betawi traditional drink since the era of colonialism. Not many people knew about this traditional beverage, yet it tastes good and also has good benefit for our body. Bir Pletok possesses a lot of historical value. It will be appealing for older generation that cherish their memories for this product, and also good for younger generation who sought their ancestor's history.

When we did the research at that moment, this beverage was only sold in one-liter-ready-to-drink-bottle and powder sachet form. So we imagine if we turn the drink into can packaging so the feel is younger and more popular. Yet, it still represents the culture of Betawi ethnic group, the original residents of Jakarta.

Hope teenagers and young adults like this packaging. When traditional-culture meets pop-culture.

For the corporate identity, we took a little motives from Betawi traditional Batik. We put some batik leaves shape in the logo, because the drink is herbal. It made from 12 kinds of spices.

Betawi has very loud and rich culture. The color of Betawi is full-color, unique, bright and brave. We decided to make the packaging into 6 versions and can be combined to a family pack. The versions represent different kinds of Betawi cultures,
such as:
- Architecture: Betawi Tradional House.
- Dance: Betawi Mask Dance that has unique costumes.
- Music: Tanjidor, music played by group of people, influenced by arabian music.
- Legend: Si Pitung, a story about Betawi hero in colonialism era.
- Historical Place: Sunda Kelapa Harbor.
- Performance Art: Ondel-ondel.

Design By Vinda Hardikurnia 

(NB : Dilarang Keras Mengcopy / Menjiplak konsep design ini tanpa seijin Pembuatnya, Admin hanya share)

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  1. keren bang. ini udah produksi belon. klo mo pesen dmna yaa

  2. mantabb...
    menuju MEA....
    skala ekspor...